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Professional Learning

Engaging | Transformative | Personalized

Empower Reach’s interactive and impactful professional learning is systemically designed and research-based. It is also customized for educators to reach their professional learning goals and maximize their impact on student learning. Throughout the professional growth process, educators are inspired, encouraged, and empowered!

Delivery Models


Virtual Professional Learning

Engage in professional learning when, where, and how it is convenient for you with live workshops, virtual keynotes, custom digital courses, on-demand training, and virtual coaching opportunities!



Inspire and motivate educators with interactive keynote presentations that deliver practical ideas that translate into practice!


Hands-On Workshops

Acquire instructional strategies and teaching methods through fun and 

collaborative, hands-on workshops!


Job-Embedded Coaching

Guarantee transfer of professional learning and sustain curriculum implementation with personalized coaching. Empower Reach's coaching meets educators where they are at and propels them forward in their professional growth journeys! Choose from the following support options to create an ongoing coaching plan designed to fit your needs!

Job-Embedded Coaching Services


Collaborate and share research-based practices by observing colleague's classrooms around a specific professional learning focus.


Experience impactful lessons first hand with a demonstration of instructional strategies, select standards, or curriculum use.


Develop the habits of mind of lesson planning and intentional teaching through collaborating with colleagues to plan a lesson and teach it in a host colleague's classroom.


Participate in individual coaching and support through non-evaluative classroom observation and reflective coaching conversations.

Profession Learning Topics

Choose one of the topics below or craft your own!

Topics for online and Blended Learning

  • Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning

  • Strategies for Social and Emotional Learning

  • The Early Childhood Classroom Online—Engaging Our Youngest Learners

  • Strategies to Support English Language Learners During Online Learning

  • Implementing Project-Based Learning Online

  • Personalizing and Differentiating Instruction During Online Learning

  • Delivering Small-Group Instruction Online

  • Innovating Teaching and Learning with Cloud-Based Tools and Strategies

  • Implementing Blended Learning Models with Current Curriculum

  • Maximizing the Digital Content and Tools in Your Curricula

  • Conducting Student Conferences Online

  • Teaching a Guided Reading Lesson Online

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching in an Online Environment

Multi-Day or Single-Day Professional Learning Topics

  • Guided Math

  • Guided Math for the Early Childhood Classroom

  • Guided Reading

  • Guided English Language Development

  • Developing Academic Language

  • English Language Development Strategies

  • Practices for Fostering Mathematical Discourse

  • Teaching to the Standards in Mathematics

  • Facilitating Project-Based Learning 

  • Close Reading and Text-Dependent Question Strategies

  • Strategies for Developing Higher-Order Thinking

  • Strategies for Social and Emotional Learning

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

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